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About Course Proposal Forms

A signed Course Proposal form is required for each course to be developed for TN eCampus. The Course Proposal assists the TN eCampus Curriculum Committee in making recommendations regarding each course. Each proposal is reviewed by a discipline-based subcommittee, and then submitted to the Curriculum Committee for review. Both the subcommittee or Curriculum Committee may have questions or feedback about any part of the course proposal.

To submit a course proposal, Course Developers must:

  1. Download and complete the Course Development Proposal Form
  2. Include the completed proposal with all necessary campus signatures
  3. Include the proposed syllabus based on the TN eCampus Syllabus template
  4. Include a detailed example of a representative course module

Submitting the Course Proposal

While emailing the documents is helpful for initial review, the proposal is not considered "received" until signed originals arrive in our offices. Please remember to keep a copy or the originals for your records. Incomplete proposals will be returned.

Aend the original Course Proposal with signatures, the course syllabus, example of a representative module, and your vita/resumé to:

TN eCampus Course Proposals
c/o Dr. Nicola Wayer
Tennessee Board of Regents
TN eCampus Department
1 Bridgestone Park
Nashville, TN 37214

What happens next?

After the course proposal is received, it is sent to a discipline-based subcommittee. Generally speaking the subcommittees meet to review course proposals at least once per semester. The appropriate subcommittee will review the proposal, syllabus and vita. Should the subcommittee require any issues to be addressed, they will return the proposal to the course  developer to address the identified issues. Once the subcommittee has completed their review and are satisfied that all issues make have been addressed, they will forward the proposal on to the full Curriculum Committee.

The Curriculum Committee will meet to review the subcommittee recommendations related to the course. In some cases, the Curriculum Committee may address additional items related to the course. The Committee can accept or reject proposals, as well as accept them on a conditional basis of specific tasks be completed. 

Submitting a Course Proposal for Redevelopment

Over time, the need may arise to redevelop an existing course within the program. Situations that may bring about the need to redevelop a course might include:

  • a new textbook
  • a change in the course developer
  • a significant change in the discipline-related materials of the course

While course developers are always welcomed and encouraged to continually improve their course, when a significant change is necessary, the developer may choose to put the course through the "redevelopment process."  The redevelopment of a course for monetary funds requires the prior approval from the Associate Vice Chancellor for TN eCampus. Developers desiring to redevelop their courses must complete the TN eCampus Course Redevelopment form and submit it to the TN eCampus offices.

The redevelopment of courses should not take place within the Master Copy. Instead a redevelopment shell will be created in which all redevelopment modifications are made. The Master Copy of the course will continue to be used to teach the course until the redevelopment is complete and approved.  At that point in time, the new redevelopment content will be placed into the Master Copy and be considered the current copy of the course.

    Once completed, the form  should be sent to:

    TN eCampus Course Proposals
    c/o Dr. Nicola Wayer
    Tennessee Board of Regents
    TN eCampus Department
    1 Bridgestone Park
    Nashville, TN 37214