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Some TN eCampus courses require proctoring for mid-term and/or final exams. Test and exam dates are set for each course at the beginning of the semester and are included in the course calendar.

Students are responsible for scheduling proctoring arrangements well in advance of the exam, as proctoring appointment times fill quickly.

Options for testing include:

Virtual Proctoring

TN eCampus provides online proctoring solutions that preserve exam integrity. Available at no charge to all students enrolled in TN eCampus courses, virtual proctoring gives students flexibility in exam location through a live proctor connection via a webcam and computer.

Our virtual proctoring provider is Examity.  If you are trying to take your test right now and are having difficulty getting connected, call Examity’s help number: (855) 392-6489.

Please use Examity’s Test-Taker Resource Center for common exam questions:

Some things to note:

  • Schedule early to ensure you have a space reserved.
  • If you schedule less than 24 hours in advance, you will be charged an on-demand proctoring fee.
  • Examity will require you to have a government-issued photo identification.  If you only have a student ID, you can request for your instructor to ask Examity for an exception.
  • If you are testing outside of the scheduled testing window listed on the Academic Calendar, you must have permission from your instructor to do so.  Your instructor will have to request an exception for you with Examity.
  • You must have stable internet and be in a room by yourself.  Examity will not allow you to test in a library, your car, etc.

If you have difficulty scheduling or taking your exam, follow these troubleshooting steps in this order:

  1. Call Examity on their help number first: (855) 392-6489.  This is a 24/7 service so they should be able to help no matter what time it is.
  2. If they cannot assist you, reach out to your instructor next.  Remember it may take them up to 48 hours to respond to email.
  3. If your instructor cannot assist you, reach out to TN eCampus Student Support by emailing us at or texting us at 615-822-4350.  We are happy to help, but most issues have to be resolved directly with Examity or your instructor.


TBR Testing Sites

Select the TBR Testing Site where you would like to test in-person.  Please note that you may only test at a TBR Testing Site during the testing window set on the Academic Calendar.

Follow the directions provided by the testing center for obtaining a proctor.  Some testing sites require scheduling appointments online while others only take walk-ins.  Each site has different instructions and it is the student’s responsibility to follow them.  Please ensure you understand scheduling requirements, identification requirements, etc.  

Midterm exams for 10-week courses are scheduled at the instructor’s discretion. Because there is no scheduled testing window for 10-week midterm exams, all midterm exam proctoring must be done via virtual proctoring services for all 10-week TN eCampus courses.


Alternative Proctor

Students who are unable to use virtual proctoring may need to work with their instructor to arrange for an alternative proctor.

The following individuals are typically accepted as alternative proctors:

  • School or public librarian
  • Embassy education officer
  • Military base/station education officer
  • Overseas (military) non-commissioned officer in charge
  • TBR institution testing center staff
  • Professional testing center personnel
  • School/college counselors

Individuals not allowed to proctor include:

  • Relative
  • Employer or supervisor
  • Tutor
  • Church leader
  • Co-worker
  • Other students
  • Athletic coach

Please follow these steps to arrange for an alternative proctor:

  1. Communicate with your instructor that you need an alternate proctoring solution.
  2. Obtain approval to arrange for alternate proctoring from your instructor in a timely manner. All alternate testing site proctors must be approved prior to testing.
  3. Email your alternate testing site and request a proctor. Send the following information:
    • Your name
    • Email address
    • Instructor’s name
    • Instructor’s email address (outside of D2L)
    • Instructor’s phone number
    • Course name
    • Course number
    • Note: Call the proctor, if you do not get a timely response by email.
  4. Ask the proctor at the alternative site to send an email message directly to your instructor. The message should include the following information:
    • Proctor name
    • Title
    • Place of employment
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Student name
    • Course name
    • Course number
  5. Your instructor will notify you when your proctor has made contact. Your instructor will reply to your proctor and send directions, materials, passwords, etc., for your proctored examination or essay. Students are responsible for setting up a time to meet with your proctor.
  6. All proctors must be approved by the course instructor in a timely manner prior to the test.


A virtual proctor or TBR Testing Site are the preferred methods. All TN eCampus courses that require proctored exams offer the virtual proctoring option.

Midterm exams for 10-week courses are scheduled at the instructor’s discretion. Because there is no scheduled testing window for 10-week midterm exams, all midterm exam proctoring must be done via virtual proctoring services for all 10-week TN eCampus courses.

TN eCampus faculty are aware of the virtual proctoring resources available to their class. If you have questions about scheduling a virtual proctoring appointment or testing procedures in general, consult with your instructor.