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How do I apply?

TN eCampus is not a degree-granting institution, so there is no extra application process to worry about! All students who attend a TN eCampus partner institution can enroll in our courses through their school’s registration portal. Simply look for courses labeled “TN eCampus.” Another way to identify our courses is by their section number. All TN eCampus courses have an R-number, and appear in your home institution’s registration portal like this:

  • R50 – R79: full-term session
  • R01 – R24: first seven-week accelerated session
  • R25 – R49: second seven-week accelerated session
  • R35 – ten-week accelerated session
  • R80+: learning support courses
If you are not currently enrolled in one of our partner institutions, these are the steps you should follow
  • Apply

    Apply for admission to the home institution of your choice (this is the institution from which course credits and degrees will be awarded). Choose from our community colleges, Colleges of Applied Technology (TCATs), or our university partners.

  • Determine

    Determine if you qualify for financial aid and scholarship opportunities available through your home institution.

  • Review

    Review the home institution’s calendar for important dates and deadlines.

  • Obtain

    Obtain acceptance from the home institution.

  • Enroll

    Enroll in TN eCampus course(s), as described above!