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In 2001, TBR institutions joined in a cooperative effort to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates and diplomas online through the Regents Online Degree Program (RODP) which later became known as the Regents Online Campus Collaborative (ROCC). These jointly-developed programs were created to offer more flexible and accessible education options for adult learners.

This dynamic collaborative, later re-branded as TN eCampus, has been one of the most unique and successful models for online education in the United States for the last 20 years, receiving numerous awards and accolades and supporting thousands of Tennessee students as they complete their degrees amidst their busy lives.

Over the next several months, we’ll explore some of the key milestones in TN eCampus’ past. Join us here as we revisit some of the most consequential moments in our community’s impressive, two-decade history

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TN eCampus Summer Training Buffet

TN eCampus is bringing back the Summer Academy. In conjunction with our 20th anniversary celebration, we're putting a fun, new spin on the event.

Over the next several months, TN eCampus staff, administrators and faculty will host thoughtfully-designed virtual events providing you with “buffet style” choices.

Some events are available to “nibble on” beginning now! Other events will be offered in July and run through September. Look for more detailed information on this site in the coming weeks.

Design your Menu Today

This year's training sessions allow you to create the "menu" that best fits your needs.

Select from four different session types!

  • • Quick Bites
  • • Main Courses
  • • Lighter Side Options
  • • A la Carte Menu

Sessions are hosted by TN eCampus staff, Distance Education administrators and faculty from across the state. Regardless of the sessions you add to your plate, you will find value in the topics presented which are designed to support the TN eCampus partnership and enhance your work in today's digital world.

Begin customizing your training menu today. Quick Bite topics are available now and registration for upcoming sessions is open!

We can’t wait for you to “dine” with us!

History of TN eCampus

TN eCampus (at the time Regents Online Campus Collaborative) identifies collaboration between the central office staff and faculty as a top priority.  The result brought course developers from all 19 partner schools to Nashville, where they joined TN eCampus staff for a multi-day networking and training retreat, titled 3D: Dynamic Digital Development.Spring 2015To better serve TN students and campus partners, the Regents Online Campus Collaborative announces a rebrand toTN eCampusFall 2015Providing quality training and professional development to faculty has been a top priority for TN eCampus since Day 1.  In 2016, TN eCampus established a new faculty training model, in which the unique needs of instructors and course developers were better met through with self-paced learning experiences and a dynamic support network- right inside the LMS!  The resulting instructor training course (iTeach) and the course developer program (CDP) has graduated more than 1,000 faculty members since 2016.Spring 2016To provide students and faculty with access to state of the art tools and functionality, TN eCampus migrated to a new instance of D2L.  This new platform provided faculty with extended capabilities that further enhanced their digital classrooms and placed students in a modern environment that enhanced their learning experience.Spring 2017TN eCampus has consistently prioritized the support of students and faculty for over twenty years.  In 2018, eCampus found a new way to provide students with support and information instantly, with the implementation of Mongoose- a texting platform from which eCampus staff can now communicate directly with students on their mobile devices.Spring 2018Providing students with access to quality, real-time support is a key piece of TN eCampus’ mission.  24/7 support is critical to many online students’ success, and in 2020, TN eCampus provided students with a new way to get round-the-clock care by partnering with a new virtual tutoring service, Net Tutor.Spring 2020TN eCampus celebrates its 20th anniversary, launching a “year of innovation” campaign. Throughout this monumental year, TN eCampus has committed to launching new technologies, tools, resources, and strategies that will propel the partnership into the next 20.2021A faculty liaison program was implemented, providing each partner institution with an on-campus liaison, there to provide critical support to their school’s eCampus faculty. For the first time, eCampus was also able to support course developers for their ongoing support and commitment to their courses, through a thrice annual stipend.TN eCampus redesigns its Student Success and Course Evaluation surveys and processes, in order to capture meaningful feedback that will inform continuous improvement of course quality and student experience.TN eCampus embarked on an innovative eText pilot, in collaboration with the virtual bookstore and faculty across the state.  The program allowed students to experience a 14-day free trial of their course materials, inside their D2L classroom, and later provided participating students with a discounted price on those materials. Fall 2016TN eCampus provided students, faculty, administrators, and campus partners across the state with the opportunity to earn Microsoft certifications and complete Microsoft Imagine Academy courses- free of charge!Fall 2017In summer 2018, TN eCampus unveiled Daylight- a new interface in the D2L learning environment. This new interface provided all users with new features and functionality, with a particular focus on further improving the accessibility of eCampus courses.Summer 2018TN eCampus has committed itself to providing faculty with quality professional development opportunities.  Aimed at providing faculty with access to technical and pedagogical training, TN eCampus partners with key vendors (including D2L) every one-two years to provide faculty training at regional community events.Fall 2018TN eCampus students from across the state were brought to Nashville, where they participated in a student-lead panel, providing instructors, developers, and administrators with invaluable feedback and insight into how the eCampus student experience could be enhanced.Summer 2019In response to feedback from students, TN eCampus partnered with faculty in key subject areas to offer a new learning option- a compressed 10-week term.  This new term provided students with additional opportunities to meet their degree requirements without conflict to their busy schedules.Summer 2020


A pioneer in the field of distance learning with a 20 year history of excellence, TN eCampus would not be the enduring and resilient force it is today without support, collaboration, and unparalleled excellence from our community members.

Please help us to recognize those individuals who have been instrumental in the success and longevity of TN eCampus by nominating them for this year's special anniversary awards ceremony. Winners will be selected by a panel and announced at the upcoming virtual anniversary event!

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