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Master of Public Health - MPH | University of Memphis

Master of Public Health - MPH

Major: Public Health
University of Memphis
Credit Hours Required: 42


All MPH applicants will be expected to have adequate preparation in the sciences, including at least one college-level course in general biology (including human biology), mathematics (e.g., calculus or algebra), and a social science (e.g., sociology, anthropology, or psychology). Basic computer skills are also expected. Courses in health-related fields such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, chemistry, physics, and statistics are not mandated, but are strongly recommended. Previous professional or other relevant work experience is also highly desirable, but not required. 

Core Requirements: 18 credit hours
Electives: 18 credit hours
Practicum/Field Experience: 3 credit hours
Culmination Experience - Thesis or Master's Project Seminar: 3 credit hours
Students may choose a concentration in any of the following areas: Biostatistics, Environmental Science, Epidemiology, Health Systems Management, or Social and Behavioral Sciences.
NOTE: See the institution's current year school catalog for additional information on program/degree requirements and academic policies and procedures.