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Master of Science in Nursing - MSN (teach-out in progress) | Austin Peay State University

Master of Science in Nursing - MSN (teach-out in progress)

Major: Nursing
Concentration: Family Nurse Practitioner
Austin Peay State University
Credit Hours Required: 46

Clinical/Practicum Procedures

Prospective Students:  TN eCampus is no longer accepting new applications to the MSN Program Partnership.

Enrolled Students: The MSN Program Partnership remains fully committed to allowing the students who are currently enrolled in the program to have an opportunity to successfully complete the program and to ensure they are graduating from a fully accredited program.

Prerequisites for all clinical/practicum courses must be completed prior to registration. Students must identify potential preceptors and clinical affiliation agreements must be fully executed prior to registering for a clinical or practicum course. Students who register for a clinical or practicum course prior to receiving notice of preceptor approval and full execution of an affiliation agreement may be required to drop the course if it is determined that the delay in starting the clinical/practicum experience will prevent the student from completing the requirements within the semester.

Student requests for clinical/practicum placements must be approved by your Concentration Coordinator and course faculty before beginning your preceptorship. All clinical experiences are arranged by the student in the student’s home area to the fullest extent possible. Affiliation Agreements must be executed with the approved agency and all required forms must be completed by the approved preceptor.

Initiation of preceptor requests and submission of forms does not imply approval. Initiation of a clinical affiliation agreement associated with a student request does not imply approval of the site for any clinical/practicum requirement.

Process for Initiating Clinical Affiliation Agreements

The student, in consultation with his/her Concentration Coordinator, academic advisor, and/or course faculty will identify potential preceptors and clinical agencies.

All of the following documents are REQUIRED and must be submitted according to instruction on bottom of the Preceptorship Request form in order to initiate a clinical Affiliation Agreement and the clinical preceptor approval process:

  • Preceptorship Request Form (completely filled in and signed)
  • Verification of the preceptor's license (copy of license or screen shot from state's licensing board)
  • Preceptor's CV/Resume

Deadline for submission is noted below, and in many instances, processing may take up to twelve weeks or longer. Late submissions will be processed in order of receipt and pose a risk of not being finalized in time for students to begin clinical rotations.

Submission of Preceptorship Request

The Preceptor Request Form must be submitted in accordance with the dates noted below. This timeframe is mandatory to allow sufficient time for the preceptor approval process and/or to fully execute an Affiliation Agreement (contract) with your potential clinical site. Clinical/practicum assignments may not be scheduled without documentation of a legally and fully executed Affiliation Agreement. Follow the steps and instructions below to initiate this process. A separate set of forms is required for each proposed preceptor and site.

Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center (MWCHC) Notice: 

As of Spring 2015, MWCHC will accept a limited number of clinical rotation applications for the following locations:

  • Smyrna - limited Women's Health rotations
  • Clarksville - limited Pediatric rotations 1 - 2 days per week
  • Nashville - limited Pediatric rotation Tuesday - Friday

Click the following links for the Matthew Walker Student Preceptorship Instructions and the Matthew Walker Clinical Rotation Request form. Check this webpage periodically for updates regarding MWCHC's clinical placement status. 

Step 1: Download and print:
Student Preceptorship Instructions. This form will guide you through the process.

Step 2: Download, print and in conjunction with your preceptor, complete, sign and submit the Preceptor Request Form. Also obtain and submit the preceptor's resume or CV and submit with the Preceptor Request Form. It is the student's responsibility to submit this form, NOT your preceptor. If your preceptor does not have a resume/CV ask him/her to complete the MSN Preceptor CV or the MSN Preceptor CV Fillable Form.

Submitted documents must be in Word or pdf format only.  Jpegs will not be accepted. 

Step 3: Download, print, review, and provide your preceptor with a copy of the Preceptor and Student Roles and Responsibility Form. Before presenting the form to your preceptor, remember to include your name and contact information, as well as your professor's name and contact information.

Submit the Preceptor Request Form along with the preceptor's license and CV/resume via instructions on bottom of form

Important Clinical Dates

 1. When can students submit preceptorship requests?
Students may submit a preceptorship request via instructions on the Preceptor Request Form. Effective January 2017, all requests must be submitted via the Medatrax Mail center located on the home page of the student's Medatrax account during the following timeframes: 
  • Spring Semester:  August 17 - September 17
  • Summer Semester:  February 17 – March 17
  • Fall Semester:  April 17  – May 17  

Once the semester convenes, preceptorship requests will NOT be accepted without permission of your home school's Concentration Coordinator. This policy is necessary for several reasons including:

  • To allow staff and faculty ample time for processing/vetting of your request
  • To ensure you will have adequate time to complete the course requirement of clinical/practicum hours within the semester
  • To ensure that you receive full benefit of the tuition reimbursement policy as it is published in your home school academic calendar
2. Has my preceptorship been approved? 
Contact Valda: (link sends email)

Special Instructions for FNP Students Regarding Clinical Preceptorships

  • A preceptor must be an MD, DO, Nurse Practitioner or a Master's prepared Physician's Assistant. A Nurse Practitioner must be used as a preceptor during at least one clinical experience.
  • Upon approval of the FNP coordinator and faculty of record, urgent care clinics can be used for up to 80 hours of the required 240 clinical hours in an FNP II (Adult/Gero) and FNP practicum.
  • Upon approval of the FNP coordinator and faculty of record, an FNP practicum student may attend 40 hours of the 240 required clinical hours in a specialty area of choice, not to include the 80 hours in urgent or episodic care clinics.
  • NURS 5602 FNP I - Clinical (Women's Health), students are required to obtain a minimum of 20 clinical hours and a minimum of 10 patient encounters with obstetrical patients in an outpatient setting. Please plan your clinical preceptorships accordingly.
  • NURS 5604 FNP II - Clinical (Adult/Geriatric Health), students are required to obtain 90 patient encounters with individuals 60 years of age or older to meet their Adult/Geriatric clinical requirement. Please plan your clinical preceptorships accordingly.
  • Students may not use family members as preceptors. 
  • A place of employment or ownership may not be used for a clinical or practicum experience
For questions related to approval of sites, please contact:
Dr. Michelle Robertson (link sends email)

Preceptor Selection

Preceptors are practitioners who agree to facilitate student learning in the application of theory. Clinical/practicum preceptor selections are made based on qualifications, interest and demonstrated commitment to the program. Graduate preceptors should possess the following qualifications and experiences:

  • Master's degree, Post-Master's certificate or Doctoral degree in fields relevant to the role. FNP preceptors must be an MD, DO, Nurse Practitioner or a Master's Prepared Physician's Assistant.  
  • Current license in the state of practice
  • Certification in the appropriate area of specialty
  • Practice in a setting that provides experiences appropriate for the development of advanced practice skills
  • A minimum of one year experience in a practice role
  • Individuals not meeting the above criteria, but with specialized expertise will be considered on an individual basis
  • Students may not use relatives as preceptors
  • A place of employment or ownership  may not be used for a clinical or practicum experience
  • Health care systems which only allow students to schedule clinical placements through the Tennessee Clinical Placement System (TCPS) are not eligible for consideration as a TN eCampus MSN Program Partnership Clinical Placement Site

Preceptor Appointment Agreement

Preceptor agreements are individual arrangements for a particular experience with a specific student for each semester and course. Arrangements will be initiated by the student in consultation with their Concentration Coordinator and/or faculty member, depending upon the concentration and course. The Preceptor Request Form is to be completed, signed and submitted according to instructions on bottom of form. Copies of this form will be forwarded by the MSN staff to your Concentration Coordinator to determine the appropriateness of the placement.

The course faculty must give final approval to both the site and preceptor. Students using multiple preceptors in a semester must file separate preceptor forms for each preceptor. If indicated by the Concentration Coordinator, course faculty or the MSN staff, students may be asked to submit updated preceptor information and/or forms for previously approved preceptors and sites.

Contact your Concentration Coordinator with questions concerning the appropriateness of a site.

Dr. Michelle Robertson (link sends email)


Effective January 2017, all preceptorship requests must be submitted via the Medatrax Mail center located on the home page of the student's Medatrax account.

The MSN program uses the Medatrax system for program and preceptorship management and tracking. Click here to view the Medatrax Student Manual which gives an overview of and instructions about how to use the Medatrax system. For students enrolling in clinical courses, the MSN Document Handling lists instructions on managing clinical documents in Medatrax and D2L.

How will the Medatrax system impact students?

  • ALL MSN students are required to enroll in the Medatrax system.
  • ALL MSN FNP students are required to upload regulatory documents (RN license, insurance, immunizations, background check receipt, CPR certification, physical exam) within the Medatrax system.
  • ALL MSN FNP students are required to track clinical time and log patient encounters within the Medatrax system.
  • PRINT the Document Handling form for clarification on which documents are uploaded in Medatrax and D2L.
  • ***If you HAVE NOT already attended a Medatrax training session*** or have questions regarding Medatrax operational systems, contact Medatrax representatives at (link sends email).
  • To request a Medatrax account, click here (link is external)