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Proctoring Overview

Some TN eCampus courses require proctoring for mid-term and/or final exams. Test and exam dates are set for each course at the beginning of the semester and are included in the course calendar.

Students are responsible for scheduling proctoring arrangements well in advance of the exam, as proctoring appointment times fill quickly. If a webcam and/or microphone are needed to use the virtual proctor, contact TN eCampus.

Options for testing include:

  • Virtual Proctoring
  • TBR Testing Site
  • Proctor at an alternative testing site

A virtual proctor or TBR Testing Site are the preferred methods. All TN eCampus courses that require proctored exams offer the virtual proctoring option. Because of social distancing, many on-ground testing centers cannot accommodate students for in-person testing at this time.

TN eCampus faculty are aware of the virtual proctoring resources available to their class. If you have questions about scheduling a virtual proctoring appointment or testing procedures in general, consult with your instructor.


Virtual Proctoring  

TN eCampus provides online proctoring solutions that preserve exam integrity. Available at no charge to all students enrolled in TN eCampus courses, virtual proctoring gives students flexibility in exam location through a live proctor connection via a webcam and computer. 

Learn how to schedule Virtual Proctoring here.

TBR Testing Sites

As TBR Testing Sites reopen for TN eCampus students, you can learn how to schedule to test at a TBR Testing Site here.  You can see the full list of TBR Testing Sites here.


Alternate Testing Sites

Students who are unable to use virtual proctoring may need to work with their instructor to arrange for an alternative testing site.

Learn more about Alternate Testing Sites here.


Is My Test Proctored?

Not every TN eCampus course requires proctoring.  You can view the current list of courses with proctored examinations here.