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Mission and Purpose


Drive to 55  - - -  It’s not just a mission for higher education, but a mission for Tennessee’s future workforce and economic development, a drive to reduce unemployment and improve quality of life for all Tennesseans!  We are laser-focused on seeing that 55% of Tennesseans are equipped with a college degree or certificate by the year 2025,

TN eCampus - A Tennessee Board of Regents Online Education Initiative

TN eCampus supports student success and workforce development by offering 450+ online courses that can help students fulfill their dreams and remain on track for degree and credential completion!

TN eCampus is your resource for:

  • Determining if online education is right for you
  • Learning more about online education options available to you through universities, community colleges and colleges of applied technology
  • Researching and comparing important aspects of various courses and programs
  • Finding courses that could help you complete a degree program or stay on track to graduate
  • Understanding the admissions process based upon your own personal situation
  • Quick access to campus resources that can assist you in the decision making process

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