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Overview | TCAT Crump

College of Applied Technology at Crump

Main Campus:

3070 US-64
Crump, TN 38327


For nearly fifty years, the Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Crump has served the citizens of Hardin, McNairy, Decatur, Chester, Wayne, and Henderson counties in Tennessee and also individuals residing in sections of Alabama and Mississippi. Since opening in 1965, the institution strives to create a dynamic and exciting educational environment which helps each student develop unique capabilities and skills necessary to reach their full potential. 

Crump is a modern training facility designed to simulate the occupational environment found in potential places of employment. The primary purpose of the training offered by Crump is to prepare individuals for useful and gainful occupations, thereby enhancing their potential for employment. 

In 2014, the school's overall student achievement data was substantially higher than accrediting agency (Commission on Occupational Education) requirements:

  • 85.6% student completion rate vs. 60% or higher requirement 
  • 84.6% job placement after graduation vs.70% or higher requirement
  • 100% licensure exam pass rates vs. 70% or higher requirement