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HIPAA, Infection Control and OSHA Verification Sheet

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Before completing the verification sheet, you will need to first read the HIPAA Training and OSHA Infection Control Training document.

Question 1
I am aware I must comply with HIPAA and Infection Control practices and agree to meet those standards and practices, as required by the Tennessee Board of Regents RODP MSN program, my home university, and the clinical settings for my clinical/practicum experiences.

Question 2
Blood-borne pathogens are microorganisms in the blood or other body fluids that can cause illness and disease in people.

Question 3
“Standard or universal precautions” refers to the handling of all blood and body fluids as if known to be contaminated.

Question 4
Single use gloves may not be washed and reused.

Question 5
Masks should be replaced as soon as possible whenever they become wet.

Question 6
The proper emergency response to an eye splash exposure would be to flush copiously with water.

Question 7
Broken specimen tubes may be safely picked up by using tongs or brush and pan.

Question 8
It is necessary to wash hands after removal of gloves even if there is no tear, puncture or leak in the glove while being worn.

Question 9
To safely place needles in a puncture proof box, simply drop into the box. Do no push needles in the box.

Question 10
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) should be available 24 hours a day to ensure they are available for anyone that needs them.

Question 11
After exposure to blood or other infectious materials, reporting should take place immediately if possible.

Question 12
Contaminated needles should never be recapped.

Question 13
HIPAA privacy and security rules protect the individual patient’s privacy related to health and identification information.

Question 14
All unique individual identifying numbers, characteristics, codes health and demographic information are covered under HIPAA rules and must be kept private except for permitted uses and disclosures.

Question 15
Permitted uses and disclosures include treatment, payment, health care operation, and where allowed for mandated disclosures.

Question 16
I will not use a personal USB device in any computer system in the clinical/practicum experience without specific permission of the facility.

Question 17
I will not share, copy, discuss, write or otherwise disclose any protected health information or identifying information except what is specifically allowed or required for treatment, payment, or health care operations, and as mandated.

Question 18
Should I have any questions about releasing, sharing, copying, etc. patient information, I will consult with my preceptor and or management of the facility prior to any action.

Question 19
I will not photocopy patient records and take them home for student work, study, or to complete my required clinical documentation.

Question 20
I will report all potential breaches of security or privacy to my preceptor and/or management of the clinical site.