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Education Course Rotation

The table below shows the projected two-year plan for course offerings in the Education Program.

Course NumberCourse NameFallSpringSummerFallSpringSummer
ASTL 5700/6700/7700Portfolio DevelopmentXX XX 
ASTL 5701/6701/7701Teacher as LearnerXXXXXX
ASTL 5703/6703/7703Knowledge of the Learner  X  X
ASTL 5705/6705/7705Assessment of Learning  X  X
ASTL 5706/6706/7706Learning Strategies/ Instructional StrategiesXX XX 
ASTL 5709/6709/7709Action ResearchXX XX 
ASTL 5721/6721/7121Theory and Foundation of Development (Literacy I)XX XX 
ASTL 5723/6723/7723Understanding and Implementing Best Practices in Teaching Beginning Literacy (Literacy II)XX XX 
ASTL 5725/6725/7725Understanding and Implementing Best Practices for Continued Literacy Growth in the Middle Grades (Literacy III)XX XX 
ASTL 5726/6726/7726Diagnosing Literacy Problems K-8 (Literacy IV)XX XX 
ASTL 5729/6729/7729Remediation of Literacy Problems K-8XX XX 
MATH 1530Probability and StatisticsXXXXXX
MATH 1910Calculus IXXXXXX
MATH 1920Calculus IIXX XX 
MATH 2010Linear Algebra X X X
MATH 2810Discrete Structure and Reasoning X X X
MATH 3810College Geometry X X X
TEAE 4020/5020/6020Reading, Writing, & Learning Methods for ESLX X X 
TEAE 4260/5260/6260Teaching ESL with the Internet and Technology X X X
TEAE 4300/5300/6300Multicultural EducationXXXXXX
TEAE 4437/5437/6437Assessment for ESL X X X
TEAE 4500/5500/6500Linguistics X X X
TEAE 4501/5501/6501Modern English Grammar X X X
TEAS 4001/5001/6001Collaborative Practices, Trends and Issues, and Characteristics  X  X
TEAS 4003/5003/6003Assessment Procedures in Special Education  X  X
TEAS 4004/5004/6004Applied Behavioral Intervention and SupportX  X  
TEAS 4005/5005/6005Reading Methods Across the CurriculumX  X  
TEAS 4006/5006/6006Assistive Technology X  X 
TEAS 4007/5007/6007Math Methods Across the CurriculumX  X  
TEAS 4008/5008/6008Specialized Methods of Instructions and Teaching: Mild-Moderate X  X 
TEAS 4009/5009/6009Adaptive PE in Special Education  X  X
TEAS 4010/5010/6010Specialized Methods of Instructions and Teaching: Comprehensive X  X 
TELC 2007Adolescent LearnersX X X 
TELC 2008Facilitating Learning through Assessment and EvaluationX X X 
TELC 2009Managing the Learning Environment in School SettingsX X X 
TELC 2010Survey of Exceptionalities and DiversityX X X 
TELC 2011Teaching and Learning with Technology in School SettingsX X X 
TELC 2012Teachers as Agents of Change in SchoolsX X  X
TELC 2013Adult LearnersX X X 
TELC 2014Managing the Learning Environment in Post Secondary-School SettingsX X X 
TELC 2015Survey of Exceptionalities and Diversity for Post-Secondary School Students X X X
TELC 2016Teachers as Agents of Change in Post-Secondary Schools X X X
TELC 4001Adolescent DevelopmentXXXXXX
TELC 4002Assessment and EvaluationXXXXXX
TELC 4003Managing the Learning EnvironmentXXXXXX
TELC 4004Survey of Exceptional ChildrenXXXXXX
TELC 4005Teaching and Learning with TechnologyXXXXXX
TELC 4006Teachers as Agents of Change X  X 
TELC 5001/6001/7001Adolescent DevelopmentXXXXXX
TELC 5002/6002/7002Assessment and EvaluationXXXXXX
TELC 5003/6003/7003Managing the Learning EnvironmentXXXXXX
TELC 5004/6004/7004Survey of Exceptional ChildrenXXXXXX
TELC 5005/6005/7005Teaching and Learning with TechnologyXXXXXX
TELC 5006/6006/7006Teachers as Agents of Change X  X