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Online Doctoral Degrees & PhD Programs in Tennessee

A doctorate degree is the highest level of academic degree awarded and can be earned in almost any subject area.

Typically, the time to completion requires several years of study beyond the master’s degree. The exact number of years varies by discipline and by student.

Like a master’s degree, the doctorate entails coursework that can range from 40 - 66 hours. PhD degrees also require that students pass comprehensive exams and complete a large scholarly project called a dissertation. The completion of the dissertation signifies that the student is able to make significant independent contributions to the field.

Very few career areas actually require a doctorate degree, although areas where state licensing is required such as engineering, education or psychology may require the doctorate degree for the highest paid positions.

Currently, East Tennessee State University offers online doctorate degrees in the fields of Nursing, Education and Educational Leadership. The University of Memphis offers online doctorate degrees in the field of Education.

Consider a Doctorate Degree When You . . . . .

  • Have already earned a Master’s degree and want to qualify for a higher pay scale
  • Want to conduct research or take a leading role in developing policy based on research
  • Know that a doctorate will open the door to more research positions not available otherwise
  • Want to be considered an expert in your field, particularly in scientific or academic circles
  • Want to become more intellectually engaged with and more critically sophisticated in a particular field of study