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Access these relevant resources to stay current on D2L product news and feature enhancements. Or take advantage of unique opportunities to connect with educators and subject matter experts worldwide through blogs, forums and webinars. Regardless of your role, there are numerous resources that can help you answer your own questions and learn how D2L technology supports teaching and learning.

Plus, the TN eCampus Training team is ready to assist as well!

Continuous Delivery Release Notes

Brightspace/D2L Continuous Delivery Release Notes (TN eCampus staff assessment of new versus existing functionality)

Brightspace Community Continuous Delivery Documents

Resource Center (provides information, guides, downloadable help and video course packages)

D2L (Brightspace) Resource Center (opens in new window)

D2L/Brightspace Teaching & Learning Center (opens in new window)

Community Links (networking and sharing of best practices)

Brightspace Community (opens in new window) (collaborate and network with peers!)


D2L Help Video Library (opens in new window) (searchable!)

D2L/Brightspace YouTube Channel (opens in new window) (subscribe!)


D2L/Brightspace Webinar Series archives (opens in new window)

Course Design Webinar (opens in new window)

Intelligent Use of Intelligent Agents (opens in new window) (Webinar, guide, tips)