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Course Developer Manual

The Course Developer Manual lays the foundation for how course developers and faculty can achieve quality and excellence throughout the entire life cycle of a course. 

The standards of course development offer a set of guiding principles for the development of online courses. The scope and depth of the guidelines assure that the course design will be thorough and detailed through all levels of the course structure.  Where many other course design rubrics present broad and widely-interpretable standards, the TN eCampus Rubric drills down to more detailed specifications within the broad areas of course design. 

We are here to provide full support and assistance as you: 

  • Integrate the required TN eCampus course design standards into your course design
  • Identify where to locate TN eCampus policies, guidelines, and standards for course development
  • Apply TN eCampus course design standards by performing a self-assessed course review
  • Reflect on the academic research base for TN eCampus design standards and their impact on students
  • Perform the actions necessary to develop a course using D2L tools and widgets
  • Use feedback on course development progress

The Course Developer Manual addresses:

  • Course Development Standards
  • Accessibility Standards and Guidelines
  • Services and Support
  • D2L Learning Management System
  • Digital Media in Courses
  • Instructional Design/Pedagogy

Proposal forms for course development and redevelopment can be found in Frequently Used Forms