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2nd College Degree Students

A student working towards a second baccalaureate degree is one who has already earned a bachelor’s degree and is not working toward a graduate degree, but who takes graduate or undergraduate courses for credit toward a second undergraduate degree.


Read the admissions requirements below to get started today!

Admissions Requirements*

  1. Complete the application for admission and submit the nonrefundable application fee.
  2. Indicate that you are pursuing a second degree on the application form.
  3. Meet the minimum GPA as required for full admission into the upper division program for the second degree.
  4. Submit official transcripts from previously attended regionally accredited institutions.  Coursework that applies to the second degree must be reviewed. Majors with additional admission requirements may require a review of the entire transcript.

Additional Requirements to Earn the Degree:

  1. Depending on the university, students will be expected to complete a minimum number of credit hours (perhaps as many as 30 hours) in upper division courses (numbered 3000 – 4000).  
  2. Complete, without exception, the requirements for the major and minor appropriate for the new degree as determined by the department in which the second baccalaureate degree is sought.
  3. Earn at last a 2.00 GPA on all coursework attempted in meeting the requirements for the second degree.

  • Always consult the institution’s Bulletin/Catalog for the most current information on admission policies, procedures and credentials which are subject to change without notification. 
  • Full-time distance learning students are exempt from submitting proof of immunization documentation as required by the Tennessee Department of Health.